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You can find whatever hose you need for your machinery here at Extreme Hoses & Hydraulics.


In addition to hydraulic hoses, you can get hoses for things such as automobile A/C & power steering hoses and propane & pressure washer hoses.

Variety in hoses

The hoses you'll find

Competitive pricing for your hydraulic needs, call now to get more information


Professionals are ready to take your call and answer any question you may have on all your hose and hydraulic needs.


Friendly, quality service with quick turnarounds will ensure that your machines will get the parts and care that they need to work properly.

Astounding service

The services that you'll enjoy

Competitive pricing is available on all hydraulic parts in stock and on custom orders


Prices fluctuate constantly, so that you can be sure to find a deal on what you need depending on the market.


Information is available via phone or email.

Affordable pricing in hoses

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“I would recommend this shop to anyone looking for great service and wide variety of products.”

Christine McDade

Hydraulic hoses and related parts

Competitive pricing is available on a wide range of hoses you'll find here for any number of machines, from automobile air conditioners to heavy duty construction equipment.

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